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Start with an ending.

Start the idea for your game with developing the ending and alternative endings.

Remember that the background for the adventures of your characters is the environment you have developed in strict relation to the district of the Old Suburb and the Minecraft map of the district.

Define the roles for players. Decide whether players will be able to identify with one role or they will be able to change the roles, depending on the situation, or maybe players will be able to choose their roles at the beginning of the game.

Define the challenges for players and the ways in which they will have to face these challenges. What will happen if players are successful? Define the alternative endings by answering the following question: what will be the consequences of the failure?

Answer the following questions:

  • What is the main character’s mission?
  • What problems or challenges does the main character have to face?
  • What important choices does the main character have to make?
  • What kind of action does the main character have to take up to accomplish the mission?
  • What is the most important event in the story?
  • What parameters will display the game progress? These can be points, symbols, badges, currency or levels.
  • What Minecraft elements can be used (resources, icons, visualisations of the district map)?
  • What will be the role of the Minecraft district model of the Old Suburb in your game?
  • Will the Minecraft model be interwoven with the real world? If so, in what situations? Will it be related to some supernatural powers, phenomena or time travel? If so, in what way?
  • Will the characters be able to pass between the Old Suburb of the Minecraft and the real world? Will these both worlds be entwined with each other?
  • Will the whole game take place in the Minecraft world?

You have a lot of possibilities but as soon as you make a decision, remember to develop your storyline plots consequently, in accordance with your vision. Think how the mission of your main character will be related to the environment you have developed.

Examples of leading themes in literature, films and games

  • rescuing,
  • treasure hunting, searching for a missing person,
  • confronting the enemies, a revenge, a fight,
  • detective theme, an investigation,
  • criminal theme, e.g. theft,
  • spy theme, a spy,
  • travelling, an expedition,
  • science, an invention,
  • magic, supernatural powers, a dream