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The Stone Lock

The Stone Lock (Kamienna Śluza), earthen fortifications known as Lunettes, the islets (Pig’s Heads) and four Maidens – the stone turrets

  • The Stone Lock is positioned at the intersection of the Motława Arm and the Motława River. The Motława Arm and the Old Motława are characteristic water courses in the area of the Old Suburb.
  • The Stone Lock used to be a strategic element of the urban fortifications.
  • It was constructed in the 17th century.
  • The designers were Dutch engineers: Adrian Olbrants and Wilhelm Jansen Benning.
  • The Stone Lock used to be a defensive structure. If necessary, the lock made it possible to flood the eastern and southern city outskirts.
  • Apart from its defensive function, the Stone Lock also made it possible to regulate the water levels in the moats and to control the water supply to the auxiliary mill.
  • Two islets referred to as the Pig’s Heads also performed a defensive role as the points of early warning.
  • Four Maidens were barrier turrets connected by the lock walls – the breakwaters. They prevented enemies to walk on the top of the conical breakwaters.
  • At present, the Stone Lock has been heavily neglected and, unfortunately, it has been undergoing a slow deterioration process.

Memories and stories told by the inhabitants:

  • People used to go fishing at the Stone Lock.
  • Children used to walk along the breakwaters for fun.

Contemporary photographs

⯆ The Stone Lock with four turrets known as the Maidens.

⯆ A view to the Stone Lock. The Żubr (Buffalo) Bastion in the background.

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