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The Southern Railway Station

  • Another name for the station was the Lowland Gate Station.
  • It was the first railway station in Gdańsk. It was constructed by the Prussian Eastern Railway company.
  • It was opened in 1852.
  • The station buildings were destroyed during the Second World War and later they were only partially rebuilt.
  • After the war, railway carriages filled with repatriates from the east used to come to this station.
  • The station handled cargo trains until the 1990s.
  • At present, the remains of the station include the entrance gate, fragments of railway tracks and some surviving railway sleepers.

Memories and stories told by the inhabitants

Boys from the neighbourhood used to run along the ramps and play hide-and-seek. They also helped to unload the carriages in exchange for sweets and fruit.

Contemporary photographs

⯆ The entrance gate to the Lowland Gate Station.

⯆ The old tracks leading to the Southern Railway Station.

⯆ The area where the station was situated.

⯆ Some surviving railway sleepers.