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The Majchrowski Bakery

  • The bakery is located at 12 Dolna Brama St. in the vicinity of the Lowland Gate.
  • Before the war, August Hemann’s bakery was situated in the same place.
  • In 1970s Ryszard Majchrowski, a baker, opened his shop in the building of the former bakery.
  • The bakery has been highly popular with the inhabitants of the district. All baked goods are made according to the traditional recipes.
  • At present, the bakery is run by the second generation of the Majchrowski family.

Memories and stories told by the inhabitants

  • There has been always a queue in front of the Majchrowski Bakery.
  • Bread has always had perfect crust - when you press it, you can hear a crispy snap.

Contemporary photographs

⯆ A building where the Majchrowski Bakery has been operating since the 1970s.

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